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All of our ice creams are made fresh to order! Therefore, we do require 48 hours advance notice. Trust us, it's worth the wait!*

*Our ice creams are currently available on Saturdays & Sundays only.​

*We are now offering gallons of our ice cream.

The wait is over!

You can now enjoy our gourmet ice cream at your next event via our One

Son Creations Ice Cream Cart or Trailer!

Ice Cream Cart

Our flat fee of $225 includes:

  • 2 gallons*

  • 2 hours of scooping service

Ice Cream Trailer (2 options)

Our flat fee of $425 includes:

  • 3 gallons*

  • 4 hours of scooping service


Our booking fee of $150 includes:

  • Scoops available for purchase

Looking for an option that allows your guest to enjoy on a smaller scale? We've got you covered! 

Individual Ice Cream cups are available at $4 per cup (25 cup minimum)

We look forward to scooping at your next event!

*discounts available for each gallon purchased after the first three gallons.

Please see below for specific pick up locations/times, and be sure to include your

desired pick up location within the order form

Ice Cream Pick Up Location Schedule:

  • Gwinnett Place Mall 12 PM (SAT & SUN ONLY)

  • Lenox Square Mall 12:30 PM (SAT & SUN ONLY)

  • Cumberland Mall 1:00 PM (SAT & SUN ONLY)

  • Perimeter Mall 1:30 PM (SAT & SUN ONLY)

  • Stonecrest Mall 2:00 PM (SAT & SUN ONLY)

  • Stone Mountain Village 3 PM*(SAT & SUN ONLY)

*Additional times available for SMV SAT & SUN by appointment only.

Southern Red Velvet $10

Creamy vanilla ice cream with our signature red velvet cookies and cream cheese glaze layered throughout...who needs a cake when you have ice cream this good?

Pineapple Upside Down Cake $10

Creamy vanilla ice cream with cinnamon brown sugar crumbles and pineapple glaze throughout. Oh, and of course a cherry on top! 

Pralines & Cream $10

Creamy praline ice cream with pecans and One Son pralines throughout. A taste of New Orleans without the Bourbon Street crowd!

Strawberry Shortcake $10

Just like you remember as a kid, only better! Creamy vanilla ice cream with strawberry and shortbread crumbles! 

Biscoff Cookie Butter $10

Vanilla ice cream with biscoff cookie chunks and a creamy cookie butter drizzle throughout. The best part of the airplane ride (are we lying?) without the plane ticket price tag! 

Cinnamon Bun $10

Tired of heading to the mall to get your cinnamon bun fix? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Vanilla ice cream, gooey cinnamon swirl, and our signature cream cheese glaze. 

Nutella Toffee $10

This ones for our Nutella lovers! The name says it all but we’ll go ahead and explain it for that mouth watering effect. Our creamy vanilla ice cream with a Nutella swirl and toffee bits throughout.

Peach Cobbler $10

Our take on a southern classic: Vanilla ice cream with a cinnamon brown sugar crumble, peach filling, and a cream cheese glaze​

Strawberry Cheesecake $10

New York’s got nothing on this strawberry cheesecake ice cream! Smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream, strawberry glaze and our signature One Son cheesecake bites topped off with graham cracker crust. 

Guava Cheescecake $10

Bringing a taste of the Caribbean right to your freezer! Creamy vanilla ice cream with cheesecake chunks and a guava swirl throughout. The perfect cure for everyone’s travel blues!

Key Lime Crunch $10

Vanilla ice cream with a key lime crumble and  a refreshing key lime glaze throughout…yum!

LA's Cookie Creation $10

Cookie Monster isn't the only one who loves cookies, our little one does too! Check out her favorite ice cream: velvety Vanilla ice cream with One Son cookies & Oreo's loaded throughout. A cookie lover's dream come true!

Hot Cheetos $10

(seasonal, currently unavailable)

Fire and ice anyone? No, we're kidding. But seriously, this ones for you hot cheetos and ice cream dippers! Vanilla ice cream churned with Hot Cheetos dust.
If you're into sweet and spicy, you'll love it! Okay sure, maybe a little weird but bet you can't stop eating it!

Santa's Favorite  $10

Vanilla cake batter ice cream with cookie chunks. A touch of pizazz is added with our red icing and sprinkles swirled throughout. I mean, let’s be honest, Deborah has nothing on this one! 

Birthday Cake $10

Who says birthday cakes are only for birthdays?  Any time you’re feeling festive try our creamy vanilla cake batter ice cream with sprinkles and our signature white chocolate cookies throughout. 

Apple Pie $10

What's the best way to enjoy apple pie? With ice cream of course! Get the best of both in every scoop with our signature vanilla ice cream, apple pie filling, and brown sugar crumble. Trust us, this one's Grandma approved!

Banana Pudding $10

What’s the best part of  banana pudding? The pudding and the cookies of course! Banana pudding ice cream with Nila wafers throughout. Just like the classic Southern staple, but better! 

Cookies & Cream $10

Cookies and ice cream together? Match made in heaven! Try our creamy vanilla ice cream blended with Oreo cookies and topped with our Oreo mixture. We’re not reinventing the wheel...just making it better!

Creamy Vanilla $9

Think the toppings are the best part of the ice cream? Think again! Our signature vanilla ice cream is so good we're offering it by itself!

Sweet Potato Praline $9

(seasonal, currently unavailable)

What’s better than Sweet Potato Pie? Sweet Potato Pie in ice cream form of course! That’s right folks, sweet potato ice cream with our homemade pecan pralines! This one’s sure to be a hit after dinner this Fall! 

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